Crohn’s Disease Life Expectancy - How long will I Live?

A common fear that many people have when they find out that they have Crohn’s Disease is will they live as long as normal people. Having Crohn’s Disease doesn’t mean that you won’t live to a ripe old age and enjoy all of the great things that life has to offer.

Having Crohn’s Disease doesn’t mean that you are going to drop dead tomorrow, or have a life ten years shorter than everyone else. People with Crohn’s Disease have a relatively normal life expectancy compared to the general population.

You may need to make lifestyle changes to make sure that your Crohn’s stays in remission, but on the whole people with Crohn’s Disease can do anything that they put their minds to.

Some lifestyle changes can include diet, getting enough exercise and keeping stress and stress levels in check. By looking after yourself and your body you can enjoy life as much as the next person.

The risk of dying from an acutely serious attack of Crohn’s Disease in this day and age is relatively low. If you had Crohn’s Disease in the 1950’s the risk of death due to a serious attack of Crohn’s was well over 30 percent!

Even though some flare ups can be life threatening, with the knowledge that you are getting from this site and what you already know, I’m sure there is no need to be worried and lose any sleep at night.

Even though the risk of colon cancer is slightly higher than the general population 3-5 percent on average, with the proper care these things can be easily managed. With the use of natural solutions, as well as working with your doctor for tests etc to keep track of how things are going in your body, you will be fine.

My Crohn’s has been very close to life threatening at times, before I learned about natural solutions and what they could do for me. I am very grateful to my doctors and specialist who kept me alive through this time. Because of this I can be here today to share with you some other options when it comes to Crohn’s Disease, and getting yourself well again.

If you have any concerns about your life expectancy because you have Crohn’s Disease I invite you to ask your doctor about it next time you see him. He will tell you the same as I have been telling you about your life expectancy, that you will live a normal and happy life, but maybe with some changes.

Staying fit is great for helping your life expectancy and your health in general. Being active is important when you have Crohn’s Disease, as being fit helps you to have better digestion. If you have a flare up it can be hard to be active, but any kind of movement is better than none.

Here is wishing you a long, happy life. Be grateful that you will live as long as any else, hey you may live longer because you chose to look after yourself and your body for the betterment of your health. 


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