Crohn's Disease Diet - Can You Really Keep Crohn's Disease In Remission With Diet?

This is a question that I really didn’t know the answer to for many years after I had Crohn’s Disease.

As I had tried many different Crohn's Disease diets that I had little success with I thought the answer to this question for a long time was no, it is not possible to control Crohn’s with diet alone. Eventually though I did find the true answer to this question, that you can indeed keep Crohn’s under control with diet.

While there are many different ways and diets to try for helping Crohn’s Disease, one of the best things to look for when trying to find the right Crohn’s Disease diet is one that is based natural unprocessed foods such as fruit and vegetables.

Crohn’s Disease diet is not quite that simple as there are other factors that play a part as well, but distilled down to a couple of core principles or guidelines, a diet based on fruit and vegetables that are largely unprocessed and unrefined is a good place to start.

You do need to keep an eye out for foods that do contain insoluble fibre if you have a flare up because this kind of fibre can further irritate inflamed tissue in the bowel and digestive system.

Foods such as cabbage, nuts, seeds, whole grains that are not ground up are examples of things that may cause issues when you have a flare up as they can contain a lot of insoluble fibre.

If you imagine your bowel or a part of your digestive system that is inflamed, sore and very sensitive to anything that passes by that tissue.

When a lot of insoluble fibre passes by the inflamed tissue it acts like sand paper which irritates the tissue and can cause further damage to the part of the body with the bad inflammation.

Acid fruit or citrus fruit is another kind of food to watch out for. While it will vary from person to person, eating too much citrus fruit can have a negative effect on your Crohn’s Disease.

As your body becomes cleaner on the inside from eating a more natural and wholesome diet your tolerance to citrus fruit will probably get better, this is just something to take note of and know that it could cause you an issue if you eat too much.

Doing your best to avoid things that are overly processed and contain a lot of sugar, dairy or meat will give you a huge advantage when working to get your Crohn’s Disease back in to remission.

While your diet may still need some tweaks to make it work properly for you, as you may have food allergies that you are not aware of that are affecting your Crohn’s Disease symptoms.

You may have trouble getting in to remission if these food allergies are not addressed, if they are bad enough they can be a factor that is causing your health to be not as good as you would like it.

By following the tips above for your Crohn’s Disease diet you will be well on the way to helping yourself get in to remission using diet and getting your health under control without the use of nasty drugs that can do you a lot of harm over the long term.

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